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We’re queer, we’re here and that’s in Eindhoven.

That means we host events throughout the year and can often we be found at other queer-oriented events. To us being queer means that we get to be proud about who we are and that if someone is different from the norm it makes them beautiful and powerful.

Our events range from a club party to a poetry reading. If possible, there won’t be an entrance fee. Being queer is a right, not a privilege. We produce our events based on contributions, membership fees and funding. All our organizers work as unpaid volunteers, and all contributing artists get their money, honey.

Becoming a member of daydaygay means that you support these goals. That means you contribute €25,- euro fee every six months to help us

- Pay (queer) performers and artists at our events
- Invest in materials
- Put our events out there through (social) media

As a member you get a say in how things are run. You’re invited to contribute quietly, but are also more than welcome to set up events and help run Daydaygay. If you want to know more about how that works, please contact us directly and/or have a look at these house rules (in Dutch!).

Other than that, being a member doesn’t change much! Everyone is welcome out our events. (Although if you really want stickers, t-shirts, know when and where stuff happens or the best gossip in the city, being a member helps.)

DayDayGay is an open queer platform, so if you believe there’s more to life than what is normal, join us and support your queer-peers.

You can register as a member by filling out the form below. Our board will contact you to help pay the required fee

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