We currently have two radio shows at Eindhoven’s premier autonomous radiostation: RaRaRadio. 

You can listen to the live broadcast here and visit their audio archives. Our lovely DJ space!boy! has his weekly show with amazing queer tunes. Our lovely host Brendan has a show every two weeks. In Brendan’s show “Queer Talks Music” he invites queer people on to talk about their favourite tunes and what it means to them.



Maybe & Malou #1

November 17, 2021

Malou heads the School for Perception from nearby Den Bosch. Their drag character Maybe also works there. How does that work? We talked about Malou's experiences working in queer-related arts and culture and learned many an interesting thing.



Rik, Marion & Steffi #2

February 10, 2021

During this second of two shows, I talked about how someone can work for two organisations and be loyal to both. Interesting, not only because I had to balance being a colleague to my guests as well as hosting the show.



Rik, Marion & Steffi #1

October 20, 2021

Over the year, I started working together with my lovely guests. Together, we're trying to bring together all of Eindhoven's queer institutes and organisations. During the first of two shows, we discussed what we do and why we do it.




October 22, 2021

I was late! So a short lone show to end the season with.



Lovis Kopcke

October 9, 2021

I met Lovis over summer holidays and we immediately bonded. Admittedly, I develop a crush on this very lovely man. I was very glad to have him on the show and capture the sense of intimacy two people can have. However, things didn't end with us running into the sunset, listen to the show to hear how we dealt with our feelings for one another.




September 25, 2021

I was graced during this show by a local legend. DJLeNoir, also known as Jean-Paul Koenraads, has been a fixture in queer Eindhoven and is still going strong. We talked a little local queer history and even dipped into spirituality. Please listen to this one, but mind the music...



Stephan & Pjotr

July 28, 2021

So once upon a time I just went and invited two of my best friends to the show. I know quite well what music they listen to, so we took a different angle. We talked about queer film, again, but more about the things we feel everyone should see.



Shahin Damka

July 14, 2021

Shahin is a renowed dancer, having made his fame in urban scenes particularly with waacking and vogueing. He teaches me to dance every Monday evening and I was more than curious about his tastes in music. He serves as an inspiration and was happy to talk about someone who knows how to build and support his community.




June 16, 2021

Eve is local student and contributing member of Queerhoven. Queerhoven is a local organisation building a better queer community and Eve is happy to be a member. How that works and who they are you can discover in this show.



Mark de Jong

June 2, 2021

Mark is such an inspiration, he sings in a band and works as a teacher and head of a school. I was curious about his musicals tastes and his take on music and education for queer people.



Farid Baks

May 19, 2021

Farid and his partner own a great local bar, the Rozenknop, and he has been performing as a drag queen for years, known as Anita Calcutta. Listen to use bounce of one another and talk shit.



Queer Film

March 24, 2021

Again, another lockdown show, so more queer film!




March 10, 2021

Joie is an amazing woman I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago. They are an entrepeneur and outspoken advocate on trans identities. We talked about transgender identities, safety and neuro-divergence




February 24, 2021

A show I did on my on! Still in lockdown, I delved back into my own queer inspirations.




October 2, 2021

During the first Covid curfew I wasn't able to bring guests or really leave the studio in the evening. Instead, I opted to stay there for an entire night and leave early in the morning. During the night I talked to all daydaygay members and a few favourites. Afterwards I played plenty of nice tracks, which eventually turned into plenty of audio snippets from my queer inspirations in music, film and television.



Tom Brouwers

December 30, 2020

Tom is a local alderman, or "wethouder". He sits on the city's council dealing with infrastructure amongst others. We talked about his fatherhood and position on the council.




December 16, 2020

An amazing poet and writer, Jay graced the show for two hours. During that time we talked a lot and I particularly remember their insights on responsibility.



Amnesty International

September 10, 2020

In fall 2020, daydaygay teamed with activists from Amnesty International. Paul and myself interviewed two great people about their fight for good. They brough some nice tracks with them and you can listen where things went from there yourself.



Paul Kuijpers aka Cindy van der Loon

October 23, 2020

Initially I had planned to be cohosting with Eindhoven's finest Drag Queen: Cindy van der Loon. During this episode I introduce her and we delve deeper into the joys and pains of doing drag in our city. She tells an amazing story about feeling more or less safe and how music keeps inspiring her.



Deniz Fehmi

December 6, 2020

The very first show, where I interviewed Deniz. He is a succesful YouTuber and discusses his life as gay Turkish man living in the Netherlands. In addition, he manages an online community of queer expats in the area. We discussed his work, but also how he balances being in the same places at once: Online, in the real world, in Turkey, in the Netherlands, being really queer, being less queer and more.